Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heath & Money Foolish

Singaporean are certainly stupid when it comes to what matters most - money & health.
Those around me think I'm nuts eating my daily apple, skipping that soft drink or discarding that fried chicken skin. I say, fuck you, & may you live to a ripe old age, if you're not already over come with rickets or some other ill-health related disease. They know that they are eating unhealthily, yet they bask in this indulgence. They think that exercise is a medicine to take after such a feast. Exercise is a way of life, a daily routine not a magic bullet.

Singaporeans will also destined to be poor. Look at them splurge on overseas trips, like going all the way to Japan to watch some petals open at the coming of Spring. With the Internet we can 'go' places never imagined. Regularly touring, Singaporeans then lament that they are short of cash. They are also too gullible & lazy to be cheated of all their money by some go-rich scam.

Then there are those who go into the forest & only notice the trees. Some tasks may not earn much but with their continual inflow, it all amounts up. A meagre amount will become handful & time would have all passed just as well. A little more hard work & a little more time, an additional source of passive income will come flowing in.

Remain in your 'stable' day-time jobs, fools.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Who the Fuck wants to Stay in Punggol

Singapore maybe a small country, but some places are still more desolated than others. A new neighbourhood is sprouting up in the North of the country & being proclaimed as a whole new place to stay, work & play. Please, nothing beats Orchard Road. This place better know as the John'O'Groat of Singapore is only for 2 types of people: those who will spend NO time at all in their homes but at their parents' homes or those who will spend ALL of their time there, coz it's too far from anywhere else.
Travelling on the perpetually congested Central Expressway will make cycling faster, & the Electronic Road Pricing charge of $5 (each way!) will ensure that cycling is actually a viable mode of transport.
Forget about the cheaper housing in Punggol, you're nuts to stay there. The transportation cost & time proves you do not have a calculator or don't know how to use one.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Cure for Teratozoospermia

12 Months ago, a semen analysis revealed that I have drastically poor morphology.

Morphology being one of the main determinants of male fertility besides sperm count (measures how many sperm. Anything over 20 million sperm per milliliter is considered normal. A deficiency is considered oligospermia), Motility (normal motility as 60% of observed sperm, or at least 8 million per milliliter, showing good forward movement, morphology (or normal form, a sample is normal if 30% or more of the observed sperm have normal morphology. If morphology is evaluated using the strict criteria developed by Dr. Thinus Kruger, a sample is normal if 14% or more), and Volume (any volume greater than 2.0 mL is normal).

A person with poor sperm morphology is also said to be diagnoised with Teratozoospermia. I guess the letter 'Tera' means that the sperm look terrible literally, as under the microscope their forms are not normal, ie they come in other shapes & sizes, big heads, small heads, even two head, short tails, no tails. Such mortly crew are considered abnormal and will not fertlise the egg.

My mophology was reported as '<1%', which statistically means that its so low that the lab tech cannot identify any, but due to sampling cannot confirm that there is none. The problem with the medical treatment of poor sperm morphology is that for most people it simply doesn't work. The over-optimistic doc just brushed it off to say that less than 1% of billions is still a significant number. However I'm not going to sit back & hope for that one in a billion chance. So I did extensive research on the web.

I came up that poor sperm formation comes from poor cell formation, so I had to tackle it from cellular level. The only way was through my way of life and nutrition. I'm already exercising regularly, so that's sorted. But I had to forgo cycling as there is inconclusive reports that it affects a male's mojo. Better to be on the safe side, so it's off the saddle & into my running sneakers.

My diet's also already well balanced & prudent. But I need more than that. After reading that food is quite devoid of nutrients due to the current state of the polluted environment. Synthetic or not, my best bet was through supplementation. I turned to Nutrilite as it is ingredients are organic & sought the advice of a nutritionist. He mentioned that to repair my state of cells, it would mean a barrage of vitamins and minerals. Following is the elixir to cure Teratozoospermia, it worked for me, after 9 months, my semen analysis revealed my morphology as being a whooping 80%.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Protien Power 1 1
Calcium 200mg 2 2 2
Double x Multi-Vit 1 1 1
B-complex 5 5 5
Vit C 250mg 3 3 3
Vit E Lecithin 5 5 5
Omega Fish Oil 2 2 2
CQ10 1 1 1
Beta Cartone 2 2

Others include high dosage of anti-oxidant to repair the years of damaged cells & give a new lease of life.
Selenium, Pynogenol, L-Gluthation & of course Goji (the miracle herb)

I just fertilised someone & I feel so fertile that women get pregnant just by breathing my air.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Setting a Trap by the Land Transport Authority

On the little island of 1°17′N, 103°51′E, news reported in the media that the Land Transport Authority is now clamping down on errant vehicle licence plates. Not that I'm a fan of such phnaleria, which I consider as posing (see earlier post), but the timing at which such offences are being enforced hints of sneakiness. I thought the authority was getting lenient. In fact by announcing the non-conformance to these standards are in breech of the law & stating the subsequent penalties it's like setting a trap & waiting for the unknowing to be snared. Does the authority have to wait until there are more offenders having non-conforming number plates? It was already a growing problem which enforcement could have been earlier. So who benefits? The workshops who not only gained a bundle earlier for the new-fangled plates but now also will have business through making the proper plates. The authority also will gain through apprehending the offenders & slapping them with fines. The authority should had acted earlier knowing that there's already a problem. What is the garmen upto?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Bunch of Posers

I came across the current LSE Alumni (

Almost all the members use their workplace emails as contact info. Upon further inspection, these emails belong to reputable organisations. Oh come on! Are they trying to advertise their prestigious jobs? I'm sure a more run-of-the-mill accounts from yahoo or hotmail would suffice. Moreover, wouldn't such personal emails flood their oh-so-important workplace accounts?

Furthermore, I always wondered how many years of study should a graduate clock-up in a particular university before being allowed into the alumni committee. Even any ex-student would be welcomed with opened arms into the committee, the member should be gracious enough to know that a single year studying in the faculty is insufficient to grant committee status. ONE pathetic YEAR!?! Come on! As though you know so much about life as a student.

Singaporean Girls are the Uglist Asian Females

A newspaper article recently ran on Singaporean females' purchasing larger bra sizes. From my personal observation those around me don't seem to have grown. Of course baring their hooters would help in the verification.

I presume that it's only those ladies who already have tits have grown in size, but most have none at all.

Digressing, I think that Singaporean Females are the ugliest asian orientals in the world. Our ancestrial roots do not help much as our forefathers hail from mainly southern part of China, where inferior to the northern neighbours.

Singaporean females also have ugly legs with hideous knees, remember my GP teacher in A levels mentioning that singaporean girls should not have their uniform skirts above their knees because they (the knees) are too ugly. LOL

Looking around, singaporean girls have also bad dress sense, bad complexion & anorexic. Most after childbirth, just let their appearances rot away. And these is just the physical outlook.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A New Ride for my Dick

Just changed my bike saddle today. To cut a long story short, to preserve my future generations, I though it was time to take the tingling sensations coupled with numbness in my dick seriously. I decided to change my Fizik Arione for one with a much more generous cut-out – the SMP Evolution. The cut-out is more substantial than the previous Selle San Marco Aspide Aerohead.
As saddle purchases are largely a personal choice as well as a gamble, I went 2nd hand. I managed to land a good deal with year-old one, used used once, still packaged with the silica gel at less than half the cost.
When I purchased the Arione, it was based on numerous praises from user reviews and all the marketing hype; wing flex, more contact area. But this site takes the cake - In it, the author sings high praises for this saddle, just like all other products reviewed. I’m sure he can sell combs to monks. He claims that the centre anti-skid strip is made of a less dense material. No where in the manufacturer’s site or web site to that matter ever mentioned a word on this. Somehow I think kissing the manufacturer’s ass might get him a better retail deal. Anyway, the Arione’s raised centre strip actually attributed to some of my numbness where the sun doesn’t shine. I hope the SMP Evolution will help the evolution of my species.

Smokers are Losers

Posers are Losers, so shall we call them PLosers?

I aim to identify losers of all kinds & no one bets smokers. Smokers are major losers. If you don’t respect the air others breathe, likewise I have no respect whatsoever for you. A big ‘L’oser for you puffing chimneys.

Losers / Posers in Road Cycling

Cycling is a good sport & hobby. It gets people to cover distances under their own power not at the expense of the environment. What strikes me as posers to the sport are roaddies (people who ride road bikes) packing their bikes & heading off to a another location for a training ride.

Firstly, in a small country about 4ox30km with easy assessible smooth roads, driving with a road bike stashed to a gas guzzler totally defeats the purpose of exercising. It's forgiveable if one is one the way to a race start. Otherwise, these people are softies. In addition, transporting one's grand-worth bike on external vehicle storage systems is a clear sign of posing. Treks, colnagos, Pinarellos & the like are meant to be ridden at 40+km/h not strapped to automobile roof tops or dragged sideways at 90km/h on the expressway.

The guilty are almost like soccor fans who never kicked a ball before, but that's another story.